Administration and Investigations Bureau Commander
  • Serves as the Assistant Chief of Police.
  • Administrative and support functions within the Department.
  • All follow-up investigations and managing cases to conclusion.
  • Managing the sections under his/her command towards achieving and maintaining the department’s goals and mission objectives.
  • Reports to, and may act on behalf of the Chief Of Police
  • Acts as the appointing authority for personnel under his/her command.
  Adult Section
  • Lieutenant assigns cases by classification.
  • Determines follow-up potential of cases.
  • Identifies crime patterns.
  • Reconciles crime reports with Records Section and compiles monthly State & Federal crime reports.
  • Manages personnel and resources for follow-up.
  • Reviews follow-up investigations completed by Detectives.
  • Evaluates personnel.
  • Tracks case clearances and crime categories such as Violent Crime, Repressible Crime and Property Crime.
  • Completes administrative reports on a monthly basis.
  • Serves as the assistant Bureau Commander.
Detective Sergeants and Detectives are responsible for:
  • All follow-up, case management, and conclusion of assigned cases.
  • Detectives handle all reported crimes in their category.
  • Detectives file assigned cases with DA’s office and serve as the “investigating officer” through court trials.
  Juvenile Section
Lieutenant is section manager.
Sergeants, Detectives, and School Resource Officers are responsible for:
  • All crimes where either the suspect or victim is a juvenile.
  • All sex crimes; vandalism; liaison with schools and Board of Education.
  • Juvenile Diversion and Parenting Classes.
  Crime Categories
  • Violent Crime (crimes against persons) such as robbery, carjacking, assaults, manslaughter (non-traffic related), Rape and homicide.
  • Repressible Crimes; robbery, burglaries, auto thefts, and thefts from vehicles.
  • Property Crime such as thefts, burglary, auto theft, forgery/fraud, and vandalism.
  Crime Impact Team
Detective Sergeant and Detectives are responsible for:
  • Support team for Detectives.
  • Identify crime patterns and deploy for apprehension and prevention.
  • High profile, complex, or cases requiring extended personnel resources.
  • Highly mobile, versatile, problem-solving unit.
  Litigation & Documents Section
The Lieutenant is responsible for:
  • Six records technicians to sort, compile, store and manage all criminal records, traffic citations, arrests, and criminal complaints generated by Department Personnel.
  • Liaison for litigation and court requests for personnel records.
  • Public Records requests.
  • Reports crime and arrest statistics to the State and Federal Government.
  Personnel & Training
The Lieutenant is responsible for:
  • Recruitment and processing of applicants.
  • Department’s duty manual, including legal updates, mandates, and case law.
  • Coordinates with Sergeant and Officer on training issues, bulletins, and Department policies.
  • Maintains training files for all personnel and administers range qualifications and shooting scenarios to sworn personnel.
  LA Impact
  • A Detective is assigned to a multi-agency task force.
  • Primary focus is on narcotics.
  • Expanded jurisdiction and mobility to follow the source.
  • May deploy to specific agency requests.

Culver City encompasses approx. 5 square miles and is home to approx. 40,000 residents. It is just minutes from LAX, Marina del Rey and the Pacific Ocean, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills and Downtown Los Angeles, making it ideal for residents, business, and visitors alike. For more information, click here for the official website for The City of Culver City.

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