Operations Bureau Commander
The Operations Bureau Commander is responsible for:
  • All field operations, including uniformed personnel working patrol, and jailors.
  • Managing the sections under his/her command towards achieving and maintaining the Department’s goals and mission objectives.
  • The Bureau Commander reports to the Chief of Police and acts as the appointing authority for personnel under his/her command.
  Patrol Watch Commander
Watch Commanders are responsible for:
  • Field operations during their assigned shift.
  • Direct, deploy, and manage field personnel.
  • Evaluate performance, crime trends, conduct personnel investigations, ensures policy compliance and organizes their shift to maintain performance objectives.
  • Usually first supervisory contact for citizen inquiries.
  • Watch Commanders report to the Operations Bureau Commander.
  Field Sergeants
  • As the 1st line supervisor, monitor and supervise the Police Officers in the field.
  • Resolve conflicts and take corrective action.
  • Enforce Policies, and deploy personnel as appropriate.
  • Authorize emergency responses.
  • Balance concurrent police incidents.
  • Schedules and deploys officers to achieve department goals.
  • Generally coordinate large events and police incidents that occur.
  • Coordinate with the Watch Commander on field operations to include Mutual Aid.
  • Teach, mentor, and develop police officers.
  • Approve Reports.
  • Conduct personnel investigations.
  • Review policies with current law and suggest amendments.
  • Evaluate personnel.
  • May act as the Watch Commander and reports to the Watch Lieutenant.
  Police Officers
  • City is divided into four patrol districts.
  • Officers are deployed to patrol districts to minimize our response time to calls-for-service.
  • Conduct emergency operations and are the “1st responders”.
  • Conduct preliminary criminal investigations.
  • Are knowledgeable about crime patterns in their patrol district.
  • Concentrate their patrol in areas of highest criminal activity, i.e. “fishing in the right pond”.
  • Make arrests, write traffic and parking tickets, as appropriate.
  • Keep your neighborhood safe.
  • Report to the Field Sergeant.
Officers may be considered for “Special Assignments” such as:
  • Motorcycle; K-9; Training; Computers.
  • Detectives / Crime Impact Team; School Resource Officers.
  • Multi-jurisdictional task forces.
  • Booking.
  • Processing.
  • Supervision of prisoners and court commitments.
  Community Service Officers
Non-sworn part-time employees who:
  • Assist police officers with clerical duties at the front desk.
  • May issue parking citations.
  • Conduct minor police investigations.
  • Serve subpoenas.
  • Assist with parking meter collection.

Culver City encompasses approx. 5 square miles and is home to approx. 40,000 residents. It is just minutes from LAX, Marina del Rey and the Pacific Ocean, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills and Downtown Los Angeles, making it ideal for residents, business, and visitors alike. For more information, click here for the official website for The City of Culver City.

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